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Gioelli Heels F6617

The latest is PAULA RYAN is celebrating 20 years in Business.

and The Soleilo Store is celebrating 30 years in Business

There is certainly a bevy of luxurious options in furs, velvets and heavily adorned clothing such as jackets encrusted in badges. Sometimes it is refreshing to dress in a pared back mode adding only a pair of statement earrings or handcrafted jewelled suede high courts, or even a boot with a jewelled attachment.

Earrings are making a grand statement this season

Balance is key, and an easy-to-wear jersey knit dress or selected layering pf jersey knits is hard to beat for everyday wear. Every wardrobe calls out for a special piece however: note the short timeless Leather Jacket on page 66 and College Cardigan page 15 of the Style Magazine. http://paularyan.carbonmediahosting.com/magazine/

Another timeless investment piece is the Puffer Jacket. The classic piece that remains in your wardrobe for years and can be worn with pants, jeans or skirts. Light as air, they condense into a small bag for travel.

A word on skirt lengths.The best length falls around the knee bone or just below, while mini skirts barely feature.



Enjoy the season