2.What is Merino?

new zealand merino sheep


Merino wool is a high-end sought after textile fabric originating from merino sheep and is renowned for regulating body temperature.




The merino wool provides warmth without overheating the wearer and draws sweat away from the skin, helping the wearer stay comfortable whether it be in warm or cold conditions.


The fabric is slightly moisture repellent, allowing the user to avoid the feeling of ‘wetness’.


Merino is one of the softest and breathable types of wool available because of its fine fibers and excellent warmth-to-weight-ratio compared to other wools.


The natural antimicrobial properties make merino Wool odor-resistant and often suitable for those who would normally suffer from allergic reactions.


In addition to these characteristics, its durability and natural elasticity make merino wool an ideal choice for merino kids , baby clothing and accessories.


Australia imported 70 merino sheep and by 1830 Australia had 2 million sheep. Merino sheep was first brought by Reverend Samuel Marsden in New Zealand in 1814 from Australia and by 20th century New Zealand had 14 million merino sheep population. New Zealand also manufactures a superfine merino wool trademarked as NZMerino used by Paula Ryan in her unique and beautiful NZMerino wool garments.


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