3.What is MicroModal?

The "Three Building Blocks" of the Paula Ryan Range....all have natural origins.


A unique superfine Italian Fabric milled exclusively for Paula Ryan. MicroModal is sensual against the skin, easy care and wonderfully durable for travel. It remains beautifully soft and colour-fast after repeated washing. MicroModal's distinctive appealing touch comes from its 100% natural origin. Beechwood is sustainably cultivated to provide the cellulose from which MicroModal is spun into the extremely fine yarns which create this luxurious fabric.


A new innovation in microfibre produced in Italy. Microjersey's unique construction combines the comfort of warp knit fabric with the elegance of woven fabric, making it ideal for Paula Ryan garments in tandem with MicroModal underpinnings.


Viscose Jersey is also derived from cellulose fibre creating a natural fibre with outstanding breathable qualities.