Paula Ryan Slouch Cuffed Pants

Paula Ryan
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Popular style.

Some small sizes in Navy,Soft Grey and White available now.


Sizing and fit This style runs true to size. You may prefer choosing a size up in paler hues.

The hemline on this style will fall mid-calf on taller figures and closer towards the ankle on shorter heights. (model pictured) is 5'10.

Fabrication: Classic Mircojersey 72% Meryl & 28% Elastane.

* Paula Ryan Microjersey is produced under patented Sensitive EcoSystem program that uses a environmentally friendly energy saving production process allowing for consumption of natural resources. 

* Made in Italy from Meryl /Elastane, Micorjersey is one of the most advanced moisture-wicking Polyamide fabrics available today. 

* Super soft handle combined with durability and exceptional comfort factor. 

* Wrinkle free and crease resistant.

* UV resistant and pill free.