Internet Security Technology: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Web Server Certificates, such as the one used on this website, encrypt all data sent to and from the website. The information is scrambled and  hence unintelligible if intercepted. SSL is the standard technology for data transmissions over the internet and when you reach the final payment stage your connection will change to the secure http channel.






Data Processing Agreements:

We process personal data from website visitors and customers on our website and in emails.

We collect and process personal data to fulfil orders including names, contact details, address details and payment details. We also collect data via cookies and similar tracking technologies to monitor the behaviour of visitors on our website and in emails, so we can improve the visitor experience on our website and in emails for example by making suitable product recommendations. We also use personal data collected for legitimate marketing purposes.

We use SANTU PTY LTD ( SHOPFACTORY) as processor to collect customer data on our behalf.

We use E-WAY - Payment Gateway - to process all our credit card transactions ( We do not store your credit card, in fact we don't even receive it and all other personal submitted information remains strictly private.)

We use PAYPAL as processor to process payments on our behalf.

We use TOLL IPEC as processor to ship products on our behalf.

We use GOOGLE ANALYTICS to track traffic on our website.

We use MAILCHIMP as processor to send and track marketing emails.

Personal data is stored for 8 years to comply with government regulations.

If we become aware of security breach which has exposed personal data, we will within 72 hours contact our supervisory authority, specifically: Name of authority and contact details.

The subjects of exposed personal data will also be informed without undue delay via their registered email address.



This right does not apply, whilst we must store the data for tax or other regulatory reasons. In Australia we must must store contracts for seven or eight years, and sometimes even longer. During that time the right to forget does not apply.

Once the time is up, we will select the users and the orders they placed and easily delete them.


We use cookies ( so-called session and shopping cart cookies - exempt from the GPDR) or similar methods on our website and in our emails for our legitimate interests according to Article 6 (f) of the GDPR as they allow us to:

Run our Online store.

Improve your experience.

Track website traffic to help us manage our website.

Provide social media functions.

Analyse website traffic for marketing purposes.

Analyse responses to marketing emails


Sending Marketing Emails to Cutomers:

The Soleilo Store maintains the right to use the personal data we collect such as direct marketing as a legitimate interest The GDPR clearly defines direct marketing as a "legitimate interest" in Recital 47. Article 6 (f)