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Susie Sedgwick - founder of Soleilo began her retail career 1980 designing and knitting 'one off' hand knits for those that appreciated them...later approached by Rob Paynter Knitwear to do a Commercial Range as the basis of his Collection...from there she opened Soleilo Boutique at 430 Hampton St Hampton which incorporated Rob Paynter Knitwear along with her coordinated range of limited edition screen printed fabrics and handpainted t-shirts, dresses, tops and paper panama hats...





New Store New Location

Galerie Soleilo continued on until 2006 when no more options were available on the property so another was found at 500 Hampton St...a good opportunity to do a new shopfront and redesign the store....with the help of my son, the Sparky, alias chippy,painter, decorator!!!
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15th October 2014

Haven't done much blogging lately...don't know where the time has gone.

...what have I been doing? Apart from Instagram and Facebook updates....Definitely not swanning around Italy like Fiona and Claire, not walking in beautiful countryside like thecountryphiles,not conferencing in Phillip Island like Kate and Em, nor having a great time in Vietnam like Georgie...nor tripping around Japan like my cousins Diana and also Warren (the other side of the family) life is pretty dull really compared...but I have to say this retirement thing really seems to suit to get the cot for my very first grandchild on Sunday...we are up to 30 weeks now!!!!


I have just seen the fabulous new Winter 2015 range for Paula Ryan - looks like the next Pre Order will be last week in November. This will solve the problem of styles selling out before they are promoted in the weekly emails - SO MANY HAVE BEEN DISAPPOINTED -  I will keep you posted.

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