Are you ready for the big launch of the Paula Ryan Spring/Summer 2014 Collection on 11th August.
Very exciting as it looks Fab...a real summery feel, fresh and vibrant with of course the classic Black and White Paula is famous for....
I have become addicted to Instagram and under the name thesoleilohouse I have been posting lots of photos - I haven't found that perfect house and I am still looking in he meantime on my daily walks with my dog I have been appreciating the beautiful views I have around the Bay....every day, every scene changes so you will never be bored.

15th October 2014

Haven't done much blogging lately...don't know where the time has gone.

...what have I been doing? Apart from Instagram and Facebook updates....Definitely not swanning around Italy like Fiona and Claire, not walking in beautiful countryside like thecountryphiles,not conferencing in Phillip Island like Kate and Em, nor having a great time in Vietnam like Georgie...nor tripping around Japan like my cousins Diana and also Warren (the other side of the family) life is pretty dull really compared...but I have to say this retirement thing really seems to suit to get the cot for my very first grandchild on Sunday...we are up to 30 weeks now!!!!


I have just seen the fabulous new Winter 2015 range for Paula Ryan - looks like the next Pre Order will be last week in November. This will solve the problem of styles selling out before they are promoted in the weekly emails - SO MANY HAVE BEEN DISAPPOINTED -  I will keep you posted.

Friday 30th October

It is official the Paula Ryan Pre Order is now open for bookings.

From November 28th to December 8th 2015...hourly from 10am to 8 pm every day...BOOK NOW

leo the lion

Friday 12th December

Wonderful News...Leo William was born this first grandchild...everyone is really well and so excited.


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year...don't forget to support your local shops because there won't be any very soon...and without competition there will definitely NOT be low prices anymore.

Have a really wonderful New Year will be the year of the Goat in February so if it hasn't started off well for you, you can start again at Chinese New Year.

Had a little trip down to Tassie to the fabulous 'MONA' gallery, arrived by the hydrofoil - champagne and canapes on the way there and champagne and petit fours on the way back ...great restaurants - 'franks' @franklin wharf and smolz @salamanca square...the henry jones art hotel was a great place for pre dinner drinks listening to piano and sax..forgot how pretty hobart is, the last timeI was there was 30 years ago.

12th February 2015

The next thing to do was to visit the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition very very clever especially the 'real life' mannequins...really worth seeing...he seems to be a really nice man too.

14th February 2015

Leo's shirt rack...the little man is now 11 weeks old today and he is doing really well, in fact the pediatrician thinks he is quite advanced!!!!! he is smiling at us all now, so the sleepless nights are all forgotten...

February 2015

Huge task...we are a week and a bit into it and of course Pandora's Box has well and truly opened...not much you can do when a 130 year old house starts to fall apart...the bathroom was the first casualty.

My son has come to the rescue again and being the veritable handyman has made smart work of the demolition...unfortunately the asbestos experts had to be called in but they did a great job and I would happily recommend has been a mammoth task and had to be completely rebuilt...(see image, rather fancy showering with nature) the walls are ready for the waterproofing and tiling and soon we can dispense with the ghastly porta loo and having to visit family for showers....nearly there.......

Monday 23rd February

The fabulous new autumn/winter collection 2015 from Paula Ryan opens today so you should start receiving Paula's fashion tips and great ideas from  tomorrow onwards.

We hope you enjoy the campaign and that you will be really excited when you see the clever easy to wear designs. You won't be able to resist adding to your Paula Ryan wardrobe.

March 2015

Paula Ryan new collection is fast running out the door. We have had such a great response helped along with Paula's great tips and ideas in the latest catalogue....

email: or telephone on 0418 591 021 to receive the FREE catalogue or you will see in the menu on this site that you can view the catalogue digitally online.

March 2015

I have just driven 2800kms in a week to Port Macquarie and back via Canberra and the Blue Mountains...really enjoyed the freedom whilst my floors were being sanded at home. Stopped in to visit my cousins where I was fed and watered at every stop so hospitably...image is at Govett's Leap, Blue Mountains with cousin Warren.

We are right in the middle of it with Friday,Saturday and Monday to go - a few appointments left if you don't want to miss out on the exciting Spring/Summer 2015 range for Paula Ryan.

Already we have been advised some fabrics are sold out.

There are still some gorgeous fabrics left but be quick before they go too....and the range hasn't even been launched yet.

The PreOrder has been really fun, everyone is happy with their orders and deliveries will be the end July/early August when the Spring/Summer 15 range is officially launched. Monday is the last day but we are fully booked and the range has to be be returned to NZ on Tuesday so we can't extend due to popular demand.

If you want to get in on the ground floor for the next one, make a note in your diary for the next Pre Order for Autumn/Winter 2016 approx end November/early December.

Paula has created a monogrammed silk scarf (110 x 110) in her signature black and white - the scarf has hand rolled edging and will retail for $130.00 - see image at top right.

Available August when range released.

By popular demand these sandals have been included again for the Spring/Summer range.

You can get in early and Pre Order - see Essentials S/S15 page

The Raffia heel is in the natural colourway (as pictured in bottom image) for all colour stretchy straps - black,string and silver.

So comfy and perfectly complimentary and co ordinating with your Paula Ryan outfits.

Saturday 20th June 2015

I have taken up the needles again and I am knitting - lots of textures, bobbles, fringes and braids - special one off pieces never to be repeated

youtube round
More Handknits
Paula Ryan Pre Order A/W 2016

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