I have been working from home since 31st May 2014 - ONLINE 24/7 or by appointment only.

More Microjersey styles

Safari prints in easy care mesh - #travelsmart
Black and White

Essentials Piece - off shoulder top

The biggest change of all - Soleilo ventured into the world of the Internet

Travel Wear -4

Travel Wear -3

Travel Wear - 2

Travel Wear -1

I have become addicted to Instagram and under the name thesoleilohouse I have been posting lots of photos - I haven't found that perfect house and I am still looking ........so in he meantime on my daily walks with my dog I have been appreciating the beautiful views I have around the Bay....every day, every scene changes so you will never be bored.

On Saturday the 31st May 2014 we closed the doors of the Retail store, packed our bags and went home.

Sad in one way but a new beginning... after 26 years.

Min was a great help with the move as was Peter - big day!

Took my new dog - Min (above) - for a walk and stopped off at a local cafe for a leisurely coffee...I am quite enjoying not being restricted to retail hours and actually having the time to stop and talk without watching the clock...his is my first Saturday I haven't worked in years. I never minded getting up and going to work - each day was a new challenge and I always looked forward to whatever the day would bring.

Are you ready for the big launch of the Paula Ryan Spring/Summer 2014 Collection on 11th August.
Very exciting as it looks Fab...a real summery feel, fresh and vibrant with of course the classic Black and White Paula is famous for....
Well it is a month now that I closed the shop...settling in quite well and making plans to sew a little collection to tempt you all...a limited edition range of 6-12 t shirts with that oriental feel.....sneak peek

It is now 2 months since we closed the store in Hampton St...the Paula Ryan Summer 14 is arriving for the customers who Pre Ordered it in May this year...it is looking really really gorgeous, ....can't show you any pics yet as the launch is on 8th August....here's to a lovely warm and sunny summer!

Also I tidied up the 'fashion jewellery' page and created some fab discounts...have a peek by clicking on the photo above...